Insert key aspects of the GOCO grant here, and link to events and skills training……..also talk about specialized training/subgroups working on such as below…..

Including specialized programming for engaging:

At Risk Youth & Young Adults

Correctional Facility Members (local prison, local jail, community service offerings)

Veterans Restoration Group (Vetraplex and Forever Our Rivers grant – applying for now)

Rehire Colorado – (Is this its own group, or is this how I tie into the other groups to help get these other groups paid for the work they are doing?) – they pay people to do work – you just have to supervise them (she has office at work force center) – (idea – find people who want to work and ask them what kind of work they would be willing to do, then go to rehire co and see if they will pay them to do that work, with me as supervisor)


Handicapped/Persons With Disabilities engagement – need to brainstorm more what this looks like



  • Private Lands Stewardship – Purgatoire Watershed Farm & Ranch Program
  • Public Lands Stewardship – Purgatoire Watershed Outdoor Stewardship Program

(give brief explanation here of overall vision of stewardship in the watershed and different pieces (private vs public, private landowners working on private land versus all community members working on public lands to improve – restoration and recreation enhancement and maintenance, etc), and the different aspects of it, then link to special programs page where lay these out in more detail)