• Purgatoire Watershed Outdoor Stewardship Program
  • Purgatoire Watershed Farm & Ranch Program
  • Why Trash the River? Program
  • Purgatoire Watershed River Art Program – Old & New
  • Purgatoire Watershed Wild & Scenic Outdoor Film Festival
  • (possible ‘Locals Card’ Program idea)



Why Trash the River? Program – Events & Projects

Fall River Cleanup

Spring River Cleanup

Monthly River Cleanups


Drains-To-River Program

Need to finish thinking through as to what all to include here:

– Trash

o Where does our trash in the river come from? Without totally shaming people, just present the different sources/pathways/sinks of trash – where all does it come from, what we can do, how does it get to the river (wind, drains, humans carrying, etc)

o What we are doing to fix this (list the different events) – cleanup events above, plus partner river cleanup in spring (TCF)

– Drains to river program with the city (or do we wait to unveil that until NEXT Water Festival?)

– Graffiti

– Safety – Water Quality testing? River Watch?



Need to finish thinking through as to what all to include here……

– History of Art on the Purgatoire River and in the Watershed – natures’ beautiful formations, native American pictorial art, pioneer/settler art

o Cool photos of natural formations and beauty

o Links to different tours at Mitchell museum, Comanche Grasslands, etc

– Modern Art on the Purgatoire River and in the Watershed

o Youth art program along the river (under development) – see education program project new I need to pull in from Board reviewed draft strategic plan – create a common title and then include that title/link here and also in education section

o Building murals around Trinidad

o Murals along the river

o Art cars and artocade (can we build a river-themed car?)

o Links to local art galleries and artists and space to create program, visiting artist program, etc

– Other river artists of note

o Link to aquatic insect gal

o Link to guy Howard told me about




Need to insert basic verbiage here, plus link to their website – coming soon spring 2021



need to talk through idea further – trying to brainstorm merging education and community support post/during COVID-19 realities

Want to have fun, learn more, and get $ discounts on local shopping, dining, and recreating – all while supporting your local watershed community?

Our watershed is going through a big transition now as we work to simultaneously:

– develop new and creative ways to support our local businesses and local agricultural producers

– develop new education, employment, recreation and entertainment opportunities for our young adults (as well as the entire community)

– protect, restore, and enhance our plentiful natural resources

– preserve and highlight our rich watershed history

– make room for exciting new opportunities including an emerging arts scene and expanding recreational tourism

– develop better ways to support those in need that doesn’t compromise the above

– ensure that property and water rights are (better) protected as the above evolves

Whether you are young or old(er), new to the watershed or a generational legacy, in support of progress or dead set against it – if you are a Purgatoire Watershed Local we know you have ideas and opinions on all of this!

To get your free Purgatoire Watershed Locals Card:

– Take the Purgatoire Watershed Locals Quiz (everybody passes) link here

– At the end of the quiz, share your additional ideas/opinion on ways that you would like to see the watershed improved! (optional)

– At the end of the quiz, you can choose how you would like to receive your card (e.g. by mail, etc)

Participating Partners on the Card:

– Moose’s

– Farm & Ranch Store

(to include in the survey, or here…brainstorming this…

In order to move forward, however, we all are going to need to be willing to understand each other’s point of view just a little bit better, so we can find some common ground. The more someone else understands YOUR point of view, the more likely they will be to listen to you and be willing to find some common ground….view as an artist, irrigator, farmer, rancher, fisherman, inner tuber, hiker, mountain biker, road cyclist, dog owner, non-dog owner,…..others?

Survey needs to be one of the following:

– Outdoors 101 basics – to meet GOCO deliverables (but for youth AND adults, as there are a lot of adults that don’t know what to do when come across a bear either, what kinds of snakes do we have in the watershed and whats poisonous, etc)

– Understanding Your Watershed, and Neighbor (better) – helps with SMP outreach education deliverable – presenting different perspectives of different water users, and presenting some basic knowledge that everyone should understand about their river/watershed – bring in some water users above and asking things like – what is a water gap? Why do river water levels go up and down during the summer? What are the dates of the official irrigation season?

– Or maybe just focus on the SMP angle and use more as a STAKEHOLDER SURVEY/OUTREACH TOOL than trying to educate folks about their neighbors??? Like what I’m going to do along the Riverwalk anyway