• River & Watershed Restoration & Enhancement
  • Science, Surveys & Assessment

What is happening on the ground right now that we are working on??? Also show before and afters when possible or other relevant key photos:

– Look through different programs in strategic plan and pull out key projects that are happening right now that we can show visible progress on/profile – profile upcoming projects or related events with a rotating banner? Maybe too much to update?

– I think key habitat, invasive species mgmt., jetty jacks removal project, etc here

– Try to include an irrigation infrastructure project as well

On-the-Ground Work Projects – River & Watershed Restoration & Enhancement

  • Fish Habitat Restoration
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Recreational Fishery Development
  • Jetty Jack Removal & Mitigation
  • River Cleanup – Trash Cleanups
  • Other

On-the-Ground Work Projects – Science, Surveys & Assessment

  • River Assessment
  • Fish Surveys (TU, CPW)
  • Aquatic Insect Survey (Just starting on)
  • Stream Management Planning
  • River Watch Program – Water Quality Sampling
  • Fire Mitigation Monitoring
  • Other